That’s time for design “Thank You” Cards!

We are happy to introduce you Wedding Paper Divas, a new partner of our Wedding vendors as card designers ! In few words… They can customize your dreaming souvenir card as a “Thank you” for attending your wedding.

“Thank you card ?” You are just coming back from your honeymoon so happy of having shared all these moments with your friends and families and being over with the planning ! Keep in mind there is one more thing to do- send out your thank you cards. It is often the most overlooked component of your wedding but it is extremely important. It could be a nice opportunity for you to show your guests how much you appreciate them for joining you in your very special day.

Number one question ? “When should they be sent?” Brides and grooms should wait no more than 6-8 weeks after the ceremony to send their wedding thank you cards, but of course the sooner the better.

Content ? Sometimes this can be a daunting task for couples but make sure to greet the guest, express your gratitude, be specific about the gift, and take them for attending (or for thinking of you if they couldn’t make it).

Addressing and Sending ? Families, address to Mr. And Mrs. If you are close with them use their first names inside the card or if you are not that close use the same salutation inside. Then, make sure to hand stamp every note as prepaid postage techniques are too impersonal. Once you follow these basic etiquette tips sending out thank you cards should be a breeze..

These are some of our favorite “Thank you” cards from Wedding Paper Divas


See you soon in Tulum !

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