David and Kristen at Ak’iin!

In December of 2012 David and Kristen were wed on our beautiful beaches of Tulum. A handwritten sign at the ceremony site read “Today two beautiful families become one, so pick a seat, not a side”. This sentiment was felt by all who joined David and Kristen on their incredible day. One big happy family! Cheers!

Photos by Del Sol Photography


Kristen+David_W_0010  Kristen+David_W_0075  Kristen+David_W_0081  Kristen+David_W_0098  Kristen+David_W_0132  Kristen+David_W_0136  Kristen+David_W_0149  Kristen+David_W_0153  Kristen+David_W_0154  Kristen+David_W_0159  Kristen+David_W_0184  Kristen+David_W_0190  Kristen+David_W_0201  Kristen+David_W_0326  Kristen+David_W_0336  Kristen+David_W_0404  Kristen+David_W_0443  Kristen+David_W_0437  Kristen+David_W_0515  Kristen+David_W_0405  Kristen+David_W_0510

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