Dan and Kara at Ana y Jose

In March of 2013 Kara and Dan started their celebration with a rehearsal dinner at Las Ranitas and continued with their ceremony the next day at Ana y Jose. The wedding ceremony was held on the water’s edge and was followed by dinner and a very lively dance party. What a fun group! Cheers!

Ceremony photos by Anna Fishkin at Everystring.com


Cara+Dan_RehearsalDinner 61

Cara+Dan_RehearsalDinner 68

Cara+Dan_RehearsalDinner 7

Cara+Dan_RehearsalDinner 2

Cara+Dan_PrepBeachClub 1

Cara+Dan_Ceremony 121

Cara+Dan_Ceremony 123

Cara+Dan_Ceremony 110

Cara+Dan_Ceremony 42

Cara+Dan_Ceremony 31

Cara+Dan_Ceremony 20

Cara+Dan_Ceremony 19

Cara+Dan_BeachShoot 16

Cara+Dan_Party 3

Cara+Dan_Party 33

Cara+Dan_Party 140

Cara+Dan_Party 68

Cara+Dan_Party 248

Cara+Dan_Party 199

Cara+Dan_Party 149

Cara+Dan_FireDancers 20

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