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Eva & Nilay’s destination wedding in Tulum was another wonderful moment in our wedding planner journey.

They tied the knot on the 14th of November, 2015 but before we dive into the beautiful story of their wedding experience, let me introduce you to the couple through the words of the bride herself.


” Nilay and I met in New York, where we both live. I was walking out of the russian restaurant Mari Vanna with my friend, and Nilay was walking into the same restaurant with his friend who was dating an acquaintance of mine. After we greeted each other guys are insisted we join them to try some infused vodka shots that the restaurant famous for. The rest is history….” explained us Eva.



After their engagement, they start thinking about a place to get married and Tulum seems just right as she says :

” Nilay and I are both easy going and love traveling. He mentioned Tulum as one of the options for our destination wedding. We traveled there I loved it. Done ! “


This russian and hindu couple wanted to tie the knot during two ceremonies : a symbolic’s one and another to celebrate Nilay’s hindu origins. With 110 guests, two ceremonies sounded like a real challenge for our team because it means that a lot of things needed to be though twice and in different ways : the canopies, the wedding venue, the decoration etc…


– The canopy for the symbolic ceremony –

– The canopy for the Indian ceremony –


The challenge wasn’t only for us, since Eva was in charge of the planning of an Indian wedding without knowing what it was about :


” Nilay proposed that one of us should plan everything and the other one will just agree with it. Of course he was the one who agrees with everything I plan. I am Russian born who lives in NYC who was supposed to plan an Indian wedding. I’ve NEVER EVEN BEEN TO AN INDIAN WEDDING BEFORE ! It was a challenge and I love challenges. It took us 9 months to plan the big day! “


– The Indian ceremony –


– The symbolic ceremony –


Hopefully, she was really excited and optimist about this project and I think that this is why their wedding turns out this good. Having a bride who believes in her wedding, despite of some elements that might seems a little difficult to find or put together, is a blessing for every wedding planner because you know that you’ll always have her involved and determined to make everything work.


Eva explained us how they came up with the inspiration for the decoration of their wedding :


“The inspiration for our wedding decor has a funny story behind it. At the time when I was choosing my Sari for the Indian ceremony, I knew that I could choose any color since we weren’t doing a traditional Indian wedding. Then I found these absolutely stunning gold sari with mirror work all over, it made me look like a million bucks or at list I felt this way.”



– Eva’s sari for the Indian ceremony –


“After consulting with Nilay, we decided that the best comparable tone to Gold sari will be color Salmon which has notes of the peach and very soft pink almost blush.
We asked Nilay’s parents to bring his outfit for the wedding from India in Salmon color, instead they brought Electric Pink, which end up making him look spectacular.”



– Nilay’s suit for the Indian ceremony –


“And after searching some decoration ideas with gold and pink fabric for Rustic Wedding on the beach some elements were born : gold painted maison jars with white, soft pink and bright pink flowers, bright pink fabric with gold ornaments as table clothes, flying freely blush curtains.”



– The decoration for the dinner venue –


– The decoration for the dinner venue –


“Another factor that made our wedding so beautiful is that our dress code was All White or Indian. Most of the Indian guests were white and the rest wore Indian outfits, it was spectacular!”






As an advice to all the bride-to-be, Eva shared with us those words :


“GET A WEDDING PLANNER ! Tell them who you are and what you like, really let them to get to know you as a couple. And let them plan your wedding accordingly. You’ll only need to show up at the wedding, looking pretty and enjoying yourself. “


Ultimately, they had a magical wedding with two really beautiful and authentic ceremonies just like they wanted.

Just look at the 5 stars review they gave us !

avis eva

Once again, we would like to thanks them for the trust they gave us on planning this important day, and a big big thanks you to Eva for her collaboration in this article. We love you guys, and are really happy that you let us be part of your incredible destination wedding in Tulum.


To end this article, we would like to share with you this video (property of Andy Filimon Studio) showing highlights of the wedding !





 Planner : Gwenaëlle Grosset from Destination Weddings Tulum
Venue : Akiin Beach Club
Flowers : Aquadeco & Xochitl Botanicals
Food : Akiin Beach Club
Cake : Zaida Marcos
Photo : Andy Filimon
Decorations, Lightings, Rentals : Aquadeco
Music : Camilo Nù



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