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After generally 1 year of planning, talking, adjusting, dealing with details and requirements of any kind, some stress, and a bunch of excitement arrives the BIG day : the wedding day.


img_4337– The result of a team work –


And let’s just be honest those 24 hours are going to be an emotional roller-coaster for the bride and groom, their guests and family, but mostly for the wedding planner and all his team.
I mean could you imagine ? You have to make sure that all the work done in the past year is going to pay off and that your “project” turns into a “realization”.

So today we are going to talk about how, at Destination Weddings Tulum, we get ready for the wedding day and how we work to provide a perfectly-realized experience to our customers !


The tasks


The first and most important task for our wedding planner is to organize and set up the environment for the entire wedding : from the ceremony to the party through the cocktail and dinner.

We also need to check that everything is where it needs to be, when it needs to be : the food, drinks, cake etc…
This involve that we help our vendors to do their work according to the couple wishes.

We are the central element in the overall coordination of the day, so it’s clear that a lot of organization is required.
To do so, we use our favorite and indispensable tool : a perfect schedule.


img_4403– We design and create the event according to the couple taste –


The schedule


Time is our enemy during this 24hr race.
Being late means stress.
Stress means precipitation.
Precipitation ends, almost every time, on things being sloppy.

At DWT, this is not an option and to avoid those kinds of situations we’re working with a schedule.

Tasks are being estimated depending on how long it takes to completely realize them. Underestimation has no place in our work. We make sure that we’ve got enough hands to do things, enough time to create things, and some time left to adjust and fix things (or even surprises that appears on our way…. ).

So of course, keeping our head cool isn’t the easiest part but we know how to avoid expressing our feelings : it’s all in the attitude.


img_4296– We always try to have some time left to be a little perfectionist –


The attitude


In addition to all this work, we have to look good and relax, because our physical appearance and our body language can’t show any signs of stress, loss of control or panic.
We have to be the perfect representation of an “everything is under control” feeling wherever we are and for every person we might talk to.

I mean if I, the person in charge of the organization, seem relax and cool why would the bride or the groom feel stressed ? Because if the planner is okay well it makes them feel okay too : so all they need to do is enjoy.
But let’s be honest, all of this is only possible because of one thing : the team.


The team


Here, at Destination Weddings Tulum, we have this “family-style” team that is part of our strength.
Being able to work with people devoted to what they do and ready to give the best of themselves is clearly a blessing.
The trust we have towards each other allows us to work as one.
We might have different planners but its always EVERYBODY’s wedding.
It means that we help each other, we teach each other, we share our experiences and we grow together.


img_4256– We work as a team and everyone is involved on the same level because this OUR wedding –


With that being said, I think this is why we’ve been there for more than 8 years producing amazing weddings and hoping that we’ll go further in the future.

So I guess that now you know how, at DWT, we make sure that our clients get what they want and so much more.

If you need another reason to choose us for your #destinationweddingstulum, go take a look at our Instagram and just let yourself be mesmerized by our work : My Tulum Wedding Instagram.


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