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Another day, another wonderful destination wedding in Tulum !

We had the honor and the true pleasure, to be part of Timothy and Felix’s same-sex wedding back in October 2015. Without further delay, let’s jump into their wonderful Tulum journey with the own words of Timothy Miller !




How did you guys met ? 


Felix and I live in Tokyo, and we met here in Tokyo in a typical fashion, out at a bar! It was a simple conversation in a crowded bar as we were both with separate groups of friends. But I mentioned I had a dog, and he said he loves dogs. So when we went on our first date a few days later, I brought along my dog and I think that sealed the deal. 😀




Why did you choose Tulum for your wedding ?


When we started discussing having a destination wedding, I thought Mexico would be perfect since of course Felix is Mexican and his family would all be there, and my family had never been to Mexico so I knew it would be a great opportunity to give everyone a reason to take a vacation. The access from the US is of course easy from Cancun, and we actually had guests from all over the world and luckily there is a direct flight to Cancun from Europe as well so that was helpful. I had looked at Cancun, but we wanted something really unique and intimate, not a cookie cutter kind of resort wedding. So upon more searching I started reading more about Tulum and it was exactly the environment we were looking for. Something smaller, more intimate and unique, and I knew it would be really special.

When Destination Weddings Tulum suggested the Jashita, it matched my expectations exactly and I thought it was great that it was a little separated from the main area. We had the entire hotel to ourselves the whole weekend, and our families rented many of the houses along the bay so it was like we almost had the entire Soliman Bay to ourselves, which was just amazing. Tulum is so cozy and cool and chic, and it was much more our style than Cancun or any of the more typical resort locations.




How was the preparation for the big day ?


To be honest, we really left it all up to the team of DWT ! I think we were looking for a wedding planner who would pretty much just do everything for us, as we are not all that picky. So we really just had a very basic idea of what we wanted, we let them know about it, and then they really took over everything from there. We of course had alot of planning to do to assist all our friends and families on getting themselves to Tulum, so really we were happy to not have to deal with any of the actual wedding stuff since we were very busy handling our families and friends. But this also gave us plenty of time to enjoy our families and friends since we really didn’t need to worry about anything before the wedding.


What did you envision your wedding being prior to planning ?


We didn’t go into it with a really specific vision, mostly we just wanted a simple and modern style wedding on the beach, with great atmosphere and great food. And that’s pretty much all we got. We submitted a few pictures of some ideas that we liked from Pinterest, etc., and I think that was enough to give DWT an idea of what we were hoping for.


What was the inspiration behind your decoration ?


We were looking for something really simple and chic, and our location Jashita was pretty much already gorgeous as it is so we knew that we didn’t need to add much. We loved the natural look that DWT created for us, with just a few touches of green like the leaves down the aisle, and just very simple table settings with a few flowers, candles, natural greenery. We definitely didn’t want anything over the top, so we knew that we only needed the addition of a few small details to what was already in the natural setting.


What was your color palette and your style vision ?


Everything natural colors, greens, whites, etc.
Very simple, nothing over done, using the natural setting as much as possible.



What unique elements or DIY details did you include ?


We made a few little DIY things like some tote bags and some beer holders with a logo that Felix designed, so I think it’s fun to bring in a few favors for that. We loved have a churros cart for after the dinner which was a huge hit with everyone.



What was your favorite moment ? Your favorite crafted detail ?


Honestly my favorite moments were the party the night before, just being surrounded by friends and family on a gorgeous beach with great weather, and then to have delicious drinks and food right there waiting for us, it was more than we could have hoped for.
Also we loved having the marimbas on the beach after the ceremony, the music was great and they got everyone involved, so that was a really special moment to enjoy over sunset.



I think my favorite thing that Destination Weddings Tulum crafted for us was the look of the ceremony itself, being so simple but with these gorgeous huge natural leaves and simple balls made of sticks. That was something that I had found on the internet and just showed a picture of it, and then DWT made it happen exactly as I was hoping for.



What did you think about the services offered by Destination Weddings Tulum (not only for the wedding, but for your entire experience in Tulum) ?


DWT truly covered everything we needed while in Tulum. We also wanted to have a beachside BBQ or something the night before, and DWT came up with everything that we needed to make it happen.
It was quite a logistical challenge since many of the places we wanted to have the party (houses along Soliman Bay) were not accommodating.
But thankfully we found a house that was, but even then there were several problems that came up with the house, even on the day of the party. But Gwen was a completely professional, she was never worried that she could pull it off, and she made everything happen exactly as according to plan even though there were so many obstacles. Her selection of Jugo Boss Caribe was so great, and all the guys were so much fun and really showed our guests a great time (not to mention all the fresh and great drinks), and when I found Los Tacos del Don Diego and asked if they could provide the food, DWT immediately negotiated and made it happen for us. So more than our actual wedding, I think the party the night before provided more challenges but DWT made sure everything went smoothly and it was such a memorable experience for both us and all our friends/family.

The wedding day went off without any problems whatsover, and having Gwen and her staff there for the entire time was very reassuring and she made sure things flowed from one event to the other and that everything was handled. I really felt like we could just enjoy the party without having to worry about everything, as they had every base covered. When we came close to our drinks budget, Gwen quickly pulled me aside to ask if we wanted to extend, with no pressure at all. (Of course we wanted to extend though!) So the little details like that which made the night go smoothly are a true testament to how smooth DWT operates.


What do you think need to be changed or improved in our services ?


We honestly weren’t really hoping for any improvements. Felix, being a Mexican, knows how it is to deal with things in Mexico, so he could anticipate any problems that might come up and was understanding that sometimes things in Mexico are just slow and a little bit more casual. But for the most part, we were overly satisfied with everything DWT did for us.

Which advices would you give to a couple for a perfect wedding planning experience ?


Well for us, just putting all our trust in DWT made the experience much better. I know that alot of brides might be really picky with every detail, but we aren’t really like that, and after seeing a few pictures of what DWT had already done before, I knew they could be trusted to make our wedding great. So my advice would be to let go a little bit of the control and pass it over to DWT, as that will really help you to enjoy your wedding so much more without trying to worry about every little thing.


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