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Your wedding day is probably one of  the happiest day of your life.

The venue you choose to have your ceremony at plays a massive role in such a memorabl day.  As a than hotel ballrooms and country clubs. We believe that for your wedding, you deserve the most refined and elegant ceremony.

If you really want to make this day intimate, unique and personal, why hold it at a resort or hotel where you’re sharing the space with other guests and strangers? To truly have a magical, exclusive, and one of a kind experience, there is no better venue than a private villa…and Puerto Vallarta has some incredible properties that are perfect for saying your “I do’s”.

Here are our top five private venues to consider in Tulum!


Casa IKAL is an amazing stunning beach front villa inside the reserve of Sian Kaan, a mile located at about 20 mins away from Tulum; this house offers your two spectaculars views :the Caribbean beach-front brings you to a rich coral reef at swimming distance and the lagoon front that goes directly to ancient Mayan canals!

Promoting the sustainability environement , the house is completely auto sufficient : sun, wind power, zero carbon property, but offering at the same time all the modern comforts such as AC in all bedrooms, cinema projections, SKY TV, wi-fi internet.



HACIENDA CHEKUL is also beach front villa inside the Biosphere Reserve of Sian Kaan. This wonderful proprety is near all the trendy restaurants, bar and shops of Tulum. Moreover, its Caribbean beach couldn’t be more blissful with its fresh breeze, cool white sand and picture-perfect coconut palms leaning towards the sea.




Casa Maya Kaan is a cosy, warm and elegantly appointed home based in the Boca Paila section of the Sian Kaan Reserve, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The luxurious home is reachable through a long tropical lush forest,  and is situated on one of the most private and beautiful beaches in the area.
It is exquisitely designed for groups of families or friends who want to get away from it all or plan an intimate event.

AAA_1981AAA_2279Tulum Wedding PhotographerTulum Wedding Photographer


Casa MALCA, is such a piece of art and by far one of the most  impressive home perched above the sand with its gorgeous yet and rustic style. The house is surrounded by a vast jungle vegetation, and is located in the seaside a way that you can feel the ocean breezes, and hear of lapping waves from any part of the house.


Wedding Casa Malca TulumWedding Casa Malca TulumLaura+Benjamin_0102Laura+Benjamin_0440Laura+Benjamin_0456


Casa PALAPA is an eco-friendly beach house surrounded by nature with breathtaking views of a quiet corner of the famous Papaya Playa beach . It offers oversized thatched living space, a stunning infinity pool and direct beach access.

The top floor of the house offers an amazing suite with gorgeous views over the beach and jungle. A spacious lobby accommodates a lounge area with a wide window and stunning views.

This proprety is the ideal place for families and couples looking for large space, privacy and the ultimate Papaya Playa experience.



The main amenity of Casa Carolina is, of course, the spectacular beachfront location on one of the world’s top beaches. The house has 5 spacious bedrooms, 5.5 bath, luxurious beachfront residence.

This is perfect and well designed for families, group outings, weddings, or the just the lazy, romantic getaway.

Wedding in TulumWedding in TulumWedding in Tulum



CASA NALUM is a stunning beach front villa inside the biosphere reserve of Sian Ka’an, situated at only 20 mins away from Tulum town. The villa has become known through the years for its beauty, great location and attention to detail and service, that has made it one of the favorite picks among travelers from all over the world.
The villa is surrounded by lush vegetation, with Caribbean’s beach-front, fine sand, coconut palms, direct access to the coral reef and a lagoon-front that brings you to ancient Mayan canals.

nalum 3

nalum 2nalum



Another day, another wonderful destination wedding in TULUM !

Aya &  Edwin’s wedding took place the 23th of November 2016, in Nueva Vida de Ramiro.

The wedding ceremony was attending 45 guests and we can clearly say that it was a simple, elegant and harmonious wedding with some exotic touches and details perfectly reminding the tropical vibes and spirit of Tulum.

The couple knew exactly from the begginging, what they wanted for their ceremony. They also payed closely attention to all the details concerning  their guests so that they enjoy the wedding party in a high level.

As we love knowing the lovestory behind every wedding and also receiving feedback from our couples, we asked them to tell us more about their story, and all the choices they made for planning this very special day, and they were really pleased and happy to answer our questions.


How did you guys met?

“We met in English language school in New York.”


Why did you choose Tulum for your wedding?

“We had a hard time choosing a place for our wedding because our families and friends are all over the world. Since we don’t get to see them often, we decided to do destination wedding to spend a whole weekend with all of them. We love being nature, especially beach is our favorite place. We started looking for somewhere with beautiful beach and found pictures of Tulum online. That was it!”


What did you envision your wedding being prior to planning?

“Intimate and cozy”


What was your color palette and your style vision?

“We used neutral earthy colors such as green, beige, brown and white. Style vision was simple, rustic but yet romantic.”


What unique elements or DIY details did you include? 

“We wanted to make sure our guests were having a good time. We prepared photo prop frame and photo props for our guests to have fun during cocktail hours and reception. Also provided flip flops on the dance floor so that they can take off their heels and dance comfortably.”


What was your favorite moment? Your favorite crafted detail?

 “We loved every single moment of our wedding but our favorite moment was ceremony on the beach. Walking on the aisle barefoot was so amazing.”


Tell us about your flowers, your gown your favors, your cake, etc?

“Wedding gown: I’ve chosen effortless silk back less gown.
Flower: white flowers with different kinds of green leaves.
Favors: Tote bags! One of our friends helped us design print on the tote bag.
Cake: Vanilla flavored naked cake, decorated with green plants and colored flowers.”


What is one piece of advice that you could give brides-to-be?

“Know your priorities. Once you know what your priorities are, you can use more energy, time and money on them and everything else falls into places. You won’t need to stress out for the things that matters less.

I had no idea how planning for wedding with you being apart was going to be but it went much smoother than I excepted. Only thing was I wish we could see the layout of the restaurant where we hold our ceremony because dance floor space was isolated from half of the guests’ tables. I understand it is hard to see actual place when we are overseas.”


What did you think about the services offered by Destination Weddings Tulum (not only for the wedding, but for your entie experience in Tulum)?

“We can’t thank enough! From planning to the date of he wedding, we weren’t stressed out about wedding because of you guys. My friend even told me 2 weeks before wedding that I don’t look like a bride because I was way too chill to be a bride.

When we met your team in Tulum for the first time in person, we felt so welcomed. You made our time in Tulum very special.”








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Wedding Venue – Nueva Vida de Ramiro

   Cathering – Cezontle

Photography – Botton up Photography

7 reasons to choose Tulum for your wedding




        Your Love celetsfrolictogether_20161008_0108lebration comes to us

Soon after a couple get married, not only do they get thousands of well

wishes but they also get this delicate question of : WHERE?

The question of where the wedding will take place is not always easy as you

guys always reach the PERFECT place.

 Since the number of wedding venues, options are infinite now, couples

need to think twice about a wide variety question before going ahead and

selecting their space. As a wedding planner agency, we know the frustration

of regretting the weddings venue, or become incredibly overwhelmed with

          the venue booking process. If you are in a fence about  wheretosay “I DO”. You might want to go to Mexico.

There are 7 reasons you should plan your wedding in the Magic Tulum




photo 1

1 – Setting

Your wedding day is supposed to be one of the most beautiful days of your life, and certainly the most memorable. Why not celebrate it in one of the most stunning , tropical and exotic settings ? From it’s deep to its wonderful villas by the Caribbean sea, Tulum can offer you a large choices of setting to blow your mind. Whatever you choose you will be surrounded by stretches gorgeous sandy beaches, swaying palm trees, crystal blue waters, warm ocean breezes, the sun setting and moon rising over the Caribean sea.

photo 2

2 – Affordability

Weddings in Tulum range in price, but weather your budget is $10,000 or $100,000, it’s certain that you will get more bang for your buck with a Tulum wedding than one in your own home town. With the breath-taking backdrops that this magical place has to offer, there’s no need for excessive decor.

photo 3

 3-  The Weather Conditons

Every single woman on earth can assure you that rainfall on your wedding day is extremely lucky, but it will still be your biggest wedding day fear. Don’t worry about this, because Tulum is a very sunny place and has a tropical weather that will offer you a gorgeous sunset with ocean scenery during your wedding celebration.

photo 4

         4- The safety

One of our favorite things about Tulum is that the biggest safety concern should be a severe sun burn. Tulum is one of the most the safe tourist destinations. You can be confident that you will bring your wedding guests somewhere safe.  While in town, you should exercise the same safety practices that you would at home, or in any other town. Apart from these general safety standards of travel, Tulum is a place where you can feel definitely secure.

photo 5

5- The Honeymoon

Several couples choose Tulum for their wedding because it’s also an ideal place to honeymoon, Tulum has the benefit to maintain a hip yet still authentic status. Immediately after your ceremony, you will disconnect and get away from it all while still being able to venture into town for craft cocktails and some of the best Mexican food you’ll find. Tulum is the perfect post-wedding stress buster and also one of the most romantic escapes.

photo 6

6- The Food

While planning   your wedding in Tulum you will  have and give to your guests the occasion of  having an outstanding culinary experience  and enjoying  real Mexican dishes and  drinks such as Horchata, a cold refreshing, mezcal cinnamon; drink in the hot sun.  Mexican tortillas, beans, spicy chicken, that are few of the meals worth of tasting there. We promise you that you will be blown away by its professional staff and high quality caterings.

photo 7

7- The Hospitality

Don’t forget to give to our guests something to remember. Of course, your  wedding day will be the main area of interest, but you can also give you guest another full day or more of memories. Show your loved ones how much you appreciate them by planning a fun event like a welcome party, rehearsal dinner, pool day, or group excursion and make them discover the magical Tulum.