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7 reasons to choose Tulum for your wedding




        Your Love celetsfrolictogether_20161008_0108lebration comes to us

Soon after a couple get married, not only do they get thousands of well

wishes but they also get this delicate question of : WHERE?

The question of where the wedding will take place is not always easy as you

guys always reach the PERFECT place.

 Since the number of wedding venues, options are infinite now, couples

need to think twice about a wide variety question before going ahead and

selecting their space. As a wedding planner agency, we know the frustration

of regretting the weddings venue, or become incredibly overwhelmed with

          the venue booking process. If you are in a fence about  wheretosay “I DO”. You might want to go to Mexico.

There are 7 reasons you should plan your wedding in the Magic Tulum




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1 – Setting

Your wedding day is supposed to be one of the most beautiful days of your life, and certainly the most memorable. Why not celebrate it in one of the most stunning , tropical and exotic settings ? From it’s deep to its wonderful villas by the Caribbean sea, Tulum can offer you a large choices of setting to blow your mind. Whatever you choose you will be surrounded by stretches gorgeous sandy beaches, swaying palm trees, crystal blue waters, warm ocean breezes, the sun setting and moon rising over the Caribean sea.

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2 – Affordability

Weddings in Tulum range in price, but weather your budget is $10,000 or $100,000, it’s certain that you will get more bang for your buck with a Tulum wedding than one in your own home town. With the breath-taking backdrops that this magical place has to offer, there’s no need for excessive decor.

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 3-  The Weather Conditons

Every single woman on earth can assure you that rainfall on your wedding day is extremely lucky, but it will still be your biggest wedding day fear. Don’t worry about this, because Tulum is a very sunny place and has a tropical weather that will offer you a gorgeous sunset with ocean scenery during your wedding celebration.

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         4- The safety

One of our favorite things about Tulum is that the biggest safety concern should be a severe sun burn. Tulum is one of the most the safe tourist destinations. You can be confident that you will bring your wedding guests somewhere safe.  While in town, you should exercise the same safety practices that you would at home, or in any other town. Apart from these general safety standards of travel, Tulum is a place where you can feel definitely secure.

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5- The Honeymoon

Several couples choose Tulum for their wedding because it’s also an ideal place to honeymoon, Tulum has the benefit to maintain a hip yet still authentic status. Immediately after your ceremony, you will disconnect and get away from it all while still being able to venture into town for craft cocktails and some of the best Mexican food you’ll find. Tulum is the perfect post-wedding stress buster and also one of the most romantic escapes.

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6- The Food

While planning   your wedding in Tulum you will  have and give to your guests the occasion of  having an outstanding culinary experience  and enjoying  real Mexican dishes and  drinks such as Horchata, a cold refreshing, mezcal cinnamon; drink in the hot sun.  Mexican tortillas, beans, spicy chicken, that are few of the meals worth of tasting there. We promise you that you will be blown away by its professional staff and high quality caterings.

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7- The Hospitality

Don’t forget to give to our guests something to remember. Of course, your  wedding day will be the main area of interest, but you can also give you guest another full day or more of memories. Show your loved ones how much you appreciate them by planning a fun event like a welcome party, rehearsal dinner, pool day, or group excursion and make them discover the magical Tulum.

An Amazing Beach Wedding at Casa Chic, Tulum

We had this beautiful time at Casa Chic, Tulum Beach. Sara & Geoffrey invited us at their intimate wedding, it was a pleasure be part of this unforgettable day…

Vincent from Del Sol Photography team make an incredible work. I let you apreciate it trough this link and some of the pictures we add..




Summer Tulum Wedding, Natasha & Drew

We had a wonderful day this 5th of June being the coordinators for Natasha and Drew. We love orange and white…their 2 favorites colors.

Thank you so much for your confidence and your kindness. We wish you the best for your long life together.

Thank you Sol Tamargo to make this wedding even better with these awesome pictures!!

Sol Tamargo Drew & Natasha



Beautiful , airy bohemian rooms that sleep from 2 to 8 people, most with large lounge areas and private terraces perfect for lazing tha afternoon away . All have large private bathrooms and large wardrobe spaces making them feel more like private apartments. Perfect for romantic couples , friends, retreats, weddings and other events.


The hotel is divided in 2 so beutiful houses.










milamores tulum-7

milamores tulum-9















milamores tulum

milamores tulum 21

milamores tulum-22


Wake up with a tasty organic coffee accomanied by homemade bread and jam or our scrumptious Ayurvedic or Mexican breakfast .

From 12 pm-7pm relax on our beautiful beach with passionfruit margarita and a fresh shrimp ceviche with mango and kiwi salsa.

From 7pm to 11pm delight in our candle-lit 12-course tasting menu accompanied by good wine, music and the sound of the sea.

Has 25 rooms

the services are :

restaurant & bar

Wi fi

Reading Area

Tv area & games

Room Service

Safety Deposit Box

Laundry service

Convention Room

Yoga Hall

For Any information or reservation please contact:

phone: +521 (984) 114 97 65 /+521 (984) 146 12 40

Mail: gwen@destinationweddingstulum.com or pgutierrez.milamorestulum@gmail.com