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Olivia & Guillaume’s Wedding

Olivia & Guillaume got married in Akiin !

Olivia is American, Guillaume is French & Mexican. Their family is from all over the world. Large but very personal group which was a pleasure to welcome in Tulum !


A great thanks to Fine Art Studio for those nice pictures !






..Thanks to Akiin Beach Club for the amazing location !



…and Thanks to the restaurant “El Tabano” for the incredible meal !




” El Pastel Tres leches ! “


An Amazing Beach Wedding at Casa Chic, Tulum

We had this beautiful time at Casa Chic, Tulum Beach. Sara & Geoffrey invited us at their intimate wedding, it was a pleasure be part of this unforgettable day…

Vincent from Del Sol Photography team make an incredible work. I let you apreciate it trough this link and some of the pictures we add..




T&T, November 6th, La Zebra Beach Cantina.

What a sweet november Tulum Wedding!

Talia & Todd, we had a beautiful time with you guys. It was amazing work with you and make this beautiful wedding happens!

Thanks a lot FineArt Studio! The pictures are amazing as usual! 🙂 http://www.fineartstudioblog.com/en/?s=talia+todd































The last Destination Tulum Wedding

We are so proud to send you these beautiful pictures fron Del Sol!
We plan this wedding at Cabañas La Luna, where they make everything for Bride and Groom to be happy.

We invite you to visit Sol Tamargo’s photos at:  http://delsolphotography.com/blog/content/galleries/?gal=330&title=090410-Natalie-Eugene-Wedding-at-La-Luna-Tulum-Photos-by-Sol-Tamargo

And the apreciation of the Bride….

Thank you sooo much Natalie and Eugene for your confidence and your kindness!!

An Orange & Pink Tulum Wedding

Thank you Jen and Fabien to let us make your dream Tulum Wedding come true!! You allowed us to be part of this fabulous adventure where FUN was always present. Thanks to all your friends for the good time we spent all together!

Thank you Regina from FineArtStudioMexico…these pictures are beautiful!!

Summer Tulum Wedding, Natasha & Drew

We had a wonderful day this 5th of June being the coordinators for Natasha and Drew. We love orange and white…their 2 favorites colors.

Thank you so much for your confidence and your kindness. We wish you the best for your long life together.

Thank you Sol Tamargo to make this wedding even better with these awesome pictures!!

Sol Tamargo Drew & Natasha

A beautiful may tulum wedding

Originally planned to be in a big hotel, Christine and Anthony finally decided to get married on the beautiful beach of Tulum.

What a great idea!! Nobody else on the beach! We love to help them making their wedding such a special day!

Christine had lots of wishes and it was a pleasure to help her making this day so magical!

Lots of happiness and love for you guys!





















A Fantastic Persian Tulum Wedding….. Day 1/3

We would love to thank you so much Babak and Maryam, for your confidence, your kindness and your beautiful family and friends. You let us make this day an incredible scenario working with a lot of local vendors. You make our dream come true!!

Babak and Maryam, love to have all their family and friends together for a big tulum wedding week end. 3 beautiful venues, perse music, light, candles, sand, wood, fabrics, food and a lot of drinks… welcome to a unforgatable tulum event!

DAY 1.

Lounge Tulum Set Up

Star Lights

Beach lounge set up


copal cleaness

beautiful bride

cool groom

Bride Bouquet

persian ceremony


Tulum Wedding party

tulum wedding ambiance

nice lighting

candles on the sand

tulum party