tulum wedding

Mikki Y Miry had a wonderful Sian Kaan Tulum Wedding.


Today we´ve decided to come back with our Destination Weddings posts.

Tulum weddings are coming more and more famous for their beautiful beach and landscape. We have been scooting around and find this wonderful place. Casa Maya Kaan. You can´t be in a better place for your wedding, nothing around just the pristine beach, the palm trees and the breeze this is the Sian Kaan Biosphere reserve, the venue choose by Miri and Miki.

This young couple received their families from Monterrey, Mexico and Holand. They arrive at the place and was amazed by the scene.



All their friends and family was here for their Cristian ceremony front of the turquoise water of Caribbean sea. Barefoot on the white sand they had their first kiss as husband and wife.




After the ceremony the guests were gathered on the fabulous house deck overlooking the ocean. Margaritas, Mojitos were served as the signature cocktail, we also had that cucumber and lime fresh water as well as the local agua de Jamaica. Canapes as mini tamales, mini tacos dorados de pollo, coconut shrimp and vegetable with chamoy were passed around.

The wonderful sunset sky gave a perfect light for the couple pictures. FIneArt Studio did a nice job, enjoy!

After Miki and Miri came back for their couple pictures we had a nice dinner at the house following by a party under the star sky in the biosphere reserve.




This has been a wonderful day! We thank You Miri And Miki for your confidence and your Kindness.

For you readers if you like to have more pictures check this page : www.fineartstudioblog.com/es/miriam-mikki-casa-maya-kaan-tulum-destination-wedding-photography/





A French touch Wedding!

We are not used to design weddings for French as most of our clients are American! We were very happy to share with them in Tulum last March, Christina’s ideas and red & white colour scheme were very nice and we loved to work with her! Congratulations to Christina & Edouard! We wish them a happy and long life together!

Wedding Christina & Edouard Zulum_-2

Wedding Christina & Edouard Zulum_-25

Wedding Christina & Edouard Zulum_-30

Wedding Christina & Edouard Zulum_-83

Wedding Christina & Edouard Zulum_-96

Wedding Christina & Edouard Zulum_-49

Wedding Christina & Edouard Zulum_-42

Wedding Christina & Edouard Zulum_-103

Wedding Christina & Edouard Zulum_-100

Wedding Christina & Edouard Zulum_-116

Wedding Christina & Edouard Zulum_-113

Wedding Christina & Edouard Zulum_-144

Wedding Christina & Edouard Zulum_-190

Wedding Christina & Edouard Zulum_-202

Wedding Christina & Edouard Zulum_-231

Wedding Christina & Edouard Zulum_-207

Wedding Christina & Edouard Zulum_-259

Wedding Christina & Edouard Zulum_-269

Wedding Christina & Edouard Zulum_-289

Wedding Christina & Edouard Zulum_-290

Wedding Christina & Edouard Zulum_-272

Wedding Christina & Edouard Zulum_-278

Wedding Christina & Edouard Zulum_-277

Wedding Christina & Edouard Zulum_-275

Wedding Christina & Edouard Zulum_-291

Wedding Christina & Edouard Zulum_-332

Wedding Christina & Edouard Zulum_-309

Wedding Christina & Edouard Zulum_-304

Thanks to Fine Art Studio for their amazing pictures!


Olivia & Guillaume’s Wedding

Olivia & Guillaume got married in Akiin !

Olivia is American, Guillaume is French & Mexican. Their family is from all over the world. Large but very personal group which was a pleasure to welcome in Tulum !


A great thanks to Fine Art Studio for those nice pictures !






..Thanks to Akiin Beach Club for the amazing location !



…and Thanks to the restaurant “El Tabano” for the incredible meal !




” El Pastel Tres leches ! “


Soliman Bay Wedding

Beverly & Brandon are from California. They actually live in New Zealand and chose the wonderful Jashita hotel in Soliman Bay, Tulum to celebrate with their friends and families. So unique! Wonderful live music with Camilo Nu for a cocktail on the deck facing the ocean.

The dinner was amazing with a personalized menu and californian wines. Finally, DJ Fermix made it unforgettable with its bests songs and kept the friends dancing around the pool till the end of the night!

Congratulations to Beverly & Brandon!

Filip & Marketa’s wedding

The story truly started on a certain 12 of January 2012. Surrounded by the Caribbean sea on one side and the ancestral jungle of Mayas on the other side.. Flowers and ring… Filip and Marketa engaged themselves on the beach of Tulum ! Keep the memories !

Felicidades a los novios Filip y Marketa !


Veronica & Rod’s Wedding

Veronica and Rod got engaged in Tulum in November 2010! They fall in love with this wonderful beach and decided Tulum would be the perfect Destination Wedding. They live in Lake Tahoe and we spent the winter sharing snow vs sand! We are so pleased to have the opportunity to make one of their most important day of their life unforgettable! Playa Azul has been the perfect place to spend their time with their dearest friends and families. Congratulations and lots of Love to them


Stella & Skuli’s Wedding

Stella & Skuli met in in NYC few years ago. She is from Roumania and he is from Island, it was such a great experience to plan their wedding and having them so happy! Pink and white were beautiful theme colours with our lovely Caribbean blue background. Thanks to Fine Art Studio for the amazing pictures and to Be Tulum for such a nice venue.


008 Wedding Stella Be Tulum FineArt Studio


011 Wedding Stella Be Tulum FineArt Studio

013 Wedding Stella Be Tulum FineArt Studio

031 Wedding Stella Be Tulum FineArt Studio

037 Wedding Stella Be Tulum FineArt Studio



040 Wedding Stella Be Tulum FineArt Studio

086 Wedding Stella Be Tulum FineArt Studio

087 Wedding Stella Be Tulum FineArt Studio

105 Wedding Stella Be Tulum FineArt Studio

117 Wedding Stella Be Tulum FineArt Studio

152 Wedding Stella Be Tulum FineArt Studio

170 Wedding Stella Be Tulum FineArt Studio

197 Wedding Stella Be Tulum FineArt Studio

193 Wedding Stella Be Tulum FineArt Studio






















A rainbow November Wedding

November is always a wonderful month to get married in Tulum. Hurricane season is over, wind makes kite surfers pleased and by luck a rainbow can make the scene unforgettable. Karen & Amando had their wedding at Akiin beach Club, full of joy, happiness, love, friends and families. Del Sol Photography left us stunned with their amazing pictures. Love to Karen and Amando

Ximena & Greg @ Playa Azul

What a perfect day for such a nice couple! Ximena & Greg live in Miami but decided to get married on the other side of the Caribbean sea. Playa Azul has been the perfect spot for a great party. Blue and yellow were the main colours of the decor, the set-up was wonderful and guests enjoyed dancing under the stars. Congratulations to both of you!

Thanks to La Luna photographers for their wonderful pics. For more pictures, follow this link!


Shawnee & Richard, an intimate Tulum Wedding


Shawnee& Richard has been together for a long time now. They liked to celebrate their union on the imaculate Tulum Beach.

We really enjoy to be part of their special event …. we’re sharing with you some of this beautiful pictures.

Thank you Eduardo Alvarado & Fine Art Studio Mexico for this amazing work.